Cabin Fever 2016

Cabin Fever 10 (2002) วินาที หนีตาย เชื้อนรก

Cabin Fever A forest-loving hermit discovers that his dog died from a mysterious illness. The dog is then treated with the blood of the dog that has died. Marcy, Karen, Bert and Jeff five friends, have booked an apartment in the same woods for the next week on vacation. The group visits Priddy’s General Store to purchase items. Dennis, the intellectually-disabled son of the store manager, unexpectedly bites Paul’s hand.

Bert shoots a gun into the woods. Bert is mistakenly shot by the hermit he meets. When he learns that the hermit suffers from an illness, he is terrified and runs away. The other people around him don’t know about the disease. Cabin Fever HD

In the evening, the group were sitting around the campfire, Grim, a man who called himself Grim, and Dr. Mambo gatecrashed their evening.

In the evening the infected hermit returns to the cabin in search of assistance. Bert knocks on the door, and the man tries to steal the car. The hermit and his five companions are involved in a fight. They cause damage to their vehicle and ignite it. The hermit flees into the forest likely to his own death.

Jeff and Bert begin their next day to seek assistance. A farmer is willing to assist them , but they depart after finding out that the hermit is actually her cousin. The deputy Winston is at their home to inquire into the reports of the night’s disturbances prior to. Paul clarifies the situation, not mention that the hermit is believed to be dead. Winston promises to dispatch a tow truck to be his replacement prior to his departure.

Grim is absent at the time Dr. Mambo returns to his home, and he is to be infected. After threating Bert and Paul and Paul, he is frightened away by Marcy using the gun.

Paul and Karen are having a great time however, Karen quickly discovers the fact that Karen is suffering from the flesh eating illness and her leg is starting to break. Karen was locked by her family members in the shed in fear of spreading the disease. Paul is on his way to get assistance. But, the only people he encounters run away from him and interpret him as an eavesdropping Tom.

The group tries to get out of the vehicle in the morning, but they are stopped by the bloody vomit of Karen. Bert goes back to the general store on his own and Jeff escapes to a cabin far from everyone else. Marcy and Paul both sigh about their slim chance of survival, and they have sexual relations believing they will never regret it. Then, Marcy discovers marks on her back, which reveal that she’s also sick.

Dennis takes a bite of Bert on the hand in the general store, just as Paul did Paul. Tommy Bert’s father was furious with Bert for having exposed him to the virus. He along with his friends pursue Bert down in order to stop the spread of virus. Paul is still looking for assistance when he comes across the hermit who has been burned at the lake. The hermit appears alive and threatening Paul. Paul then fights the hermit off and kills him.

Marcy is in a hot bath and then shaves her legs. The infected skin begins to fall away from her body. Dr. Mambo takes her outside and smoulders her to death.

Paul returns to the boat shed of Karen, in which he pleads with her to murder him. Paul returns to the boat shed, with the gun empty. He’s unable to finish his task of cutting her face using an axe, so he sets the fire on fire and watch in the horror unfold when Karen is completely burned alive. Tommy is following Bert and kills him while he walks to his cabin. Paul is able to track Tommy as well as his accomplices and retrieves Bert’s guns, rifles and other items. Paul is able to escape from Tommy’s truck but it is thrown into a tree and then explodes. Paul is covered with blood, comes across an intimate campfire gathering held by deputy Winston. Winston is informed by the sheriff that she’s instructed her to murder Paul. Paul persuades Winston to allow Paul go.

Jeff returns to his home the following day. Jeff comes back to the cabin the following morning to find Tommy’s bodies. He is relieved that the body was found, but quickly notices symptoms of infection on his hand. Deputy Winston shoots him with a sniper rifle and takes his life. Paul becomes ill and passes away. Dennis finds his body in the woods. While the authorities and a hazmat team clear the scene, it’s discovered that Jeff’s body was found close to the lake. The body is now covered in his blood.

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